10 Reasons Why Marketing Automation is Perfect for a Small business

Marketing Automation

Marketing can be a daunting for a small business. Generally, a small business is more focused on fostering growth, generating product solutions and hiring skilled personnel along with several other items before even thinking of marketing. With all that work, it can be difficult for a small business to run successful marketing campaigns all by themselves. However, there is a solution, marketing automation. Marketing automation refers to software that performs day-to-day business functions on multiple levels such as emails, social media and other website actions. This software causes monotonous tasks to become easier and more efficient, thus giving a business more control over its marketing activities. Here are 10 reasons why marketing automation is perfect for a small business

  1. Generate quality leads

    Inbound lead generation is convenient but it is useless unless you have quality leads interested in purchasing your service. The proper automation software helps facilitate candidates and provides criteria for you to reach out to proper candidates at the right point of the sales funnel. The software helps track candidates, who view your newsletters, read your blogs or engage with your website, and processes them as a targeted lead.

  2. Nurture leads efficiently

    Lead nurturing helps convert your lists of emails or leads into sales by keeping them engaged and interested. The issue with nurturing leads is it can be time consuming. Luckily, marketing automation allows you to nurture those leads without manually personalizing and sending emails when leads act. For example, Drip campaigns can be maintained and ensure your lead is being nurtured at the right time.

  3. Increases Revenue

    On average, an automated marketing system gives a return of $8.71 for each dollar spent, which is a great ROI for any marketing effort according to a study by the SMB Group. In the end, running a business is about generating a profit. Gartner research reported that companies who use an automated lead management software saw a revenue increase of 10% or more over 6-9 months.

  4. Generate quality, consistent and efficient email campaigns

    You might think to yourself, “I can send mass emails and track open rates/clicks through email marketing.” You would be right; however, the process is very time consuming and can be overbearing. Marketing automation streamlines email marketing with lead scoring, analytics, multi-step campaigns, landing pages, web forms and lead nurturing. Small business owners do not have the time to send individualized emails to customers. Using automation, you save time employing email platforms to send messages to customers who take specific actions. Automation allows you to develop closer relationships with your customers.

  5. Analyze and maximize your opportunities to gain results

    Marketing automation can integrate with your CRM platform or analytic platform, and you can utilize this software to see which strategies are working for your company. This gives you an opportunity to analyze lead metrics, pay-per-click content, marketing campaigns, and much more.

  6. Reduce Marketing Costs

    No matter the size of your marketing department, it is essential to gather vital lead generation and lead nurturing data. However, from a survey by Ascend2 and Research Partners, still only 42% of companies use marketing automation. That means 58% of companies are utilizing humans to track day-to-day lead generation information, which drives cost and raises budgets in the marketing department. Marketing automation allows companies to save money on their marketing budgets, and gives them the chance to invest in other areas that could benefit more resources. According to a report by Gartner, creative marketing efforts can help save companies 15% or more of their marketing budget, while generating 50% more sales ready leads at 33% less cost.

  7. Avoid Human Error

    Even though we do not mean to, humans make mistakes all the time. Sometimes it is just a spelling error or a punctuation error, but even the smallest of accidents can harm your brand image. A marketing automation system avoids these small mistakes by humans. In fact, utilizing an automation system will decrease the chance of those silly errors polluting your data and work.

  8. Easy to Use

    Most automation software is easy to set up and use, which is nice especially if your marketing employees are not tech specialist. Also, most popular software systems provide on-line training and classes to receive certifications and better learn the software.

  9. Schedule social media posts and track efficiently

    Proper automation systems utilize social media tools such as Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a program that allows you to pre-create social media posts and schedule their posting over time. Plus, Hootsuite gives you the opportunity to post on one-site for several different platforms of social media. So, instead of visiting LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube separately to post your information. You can use Hootsuite or similar social media tools to post messages for each platform in one setting. But, along with having automated social media tools synced into your automation system, you can also designate posts to a specific segment of your audience to ensure the right people see your messages.

  10. Free up marketers’ time and energy

    Automated marketing systems can help free up time and energy even if you have a small marketing department. This software takes care of the day-to-day tasks and provides marketers the time to manage campaigns, strategies, budgets and focus on nurturing important leads for the end of the sales funnel.

Gartner estimates by 2020, 85% of customer relationships will not involve a human on the business side. Even though it seems like we will lose the personalization of the selling process, automation gives the user the ability to create an automated advertising experience with a personal touch, which is proven to improve customer retention. Click here to learn more about our marketing automation provider and contact us for a demonstration.

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