5 Ways to Show Your Customers & Prospects You Appreciate Them This Holiday Season

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Customers are important for every business.  Without them, there would be no business.   Those customers that feel valued and appreciated are even more valuable.  These are the ones that look at you and your company as valued partners and friends.

The holidays create a great opportunity for businesses to strengthen relationships, reconnect with old clients and build goodwill with high-end prospects.

Here are 5 ways you can  show your appreciation and create a positive connection for the upcoming year.

1. Send a Greeting Card.  Make sure to craft a personalized message or something creative that makes your card memorable.

2. Send a Thoughtful Gift.  Whether it is food, candy, or branded promotional items, gifts are always appreciated.   In most cases, when sending a gift, you will get a thank you response back.  This thank you inherently creates an opportunity to rekindle communication.

3. Spend Time with Your Clients.  Treat your clients to lunch, drinks or a fun experience.

4. Host a Special Event.  If you have a retail business or a new product or offering to feature, invite your best clients and products to a holiday open house to experience your products and mingle.

5. Say Thank you.  Sometimes, it just as simple as saying thank you.  This could be a call, email or personal note.

We hope these quick tips will help you think about how you can show appreciation to your clients and prospects.   A small investment in time and money can go a long way in building a loyal customer base and lasting friendships.

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