Arnold Sports Festival 2015

You may have noticed a large crowd of athletes around the Downtown area if you were out this weekend.  The Arnold Sports Festival was in town, and this year featured new events such as the Kids EXPO, a WWE Experience and Equestrian, just to name a few. Not only was our company the promotional partner for this event, but I also had the opportunity to attend!

The EXPO has expanded to using the convention center, as well as the fairgrounds in its athletic events. The convention center featured more than 900 fitness-related booths with various products, such as performance outfits to nutritional supplements. As always, the Arnold was a colorful and lively event. With the wide variety of athletes and fans there, it was nearly impossible to not be entertained. This is a great community event, and if you didn’t make it this year, be sure to put it on your calendar for next March!

2015-03-05 (1) Spotlight on Columbus Weightlifting: This year, to further support our Promoting Communities initiative, we became a supporting sponsor for Columbus Weightlifting (CWLC). CWLC is an Ohio-based non-profit and recognized weightlifting club within USA Weightlifting founded in 1999 to provide coaching services, training facilities and other benefits to eligible athletes. Columbus Weightlifting Club has hosted the Arnold Sports Festival since 2003.  Weightlifting is the ultimate sport; it requires explosive power, technique, coordination, balance, flexibility and mental focus.  I would venture to say that I wasn’t the only one who was left awe-struck after watching the athletes participate in this event over the weekend! Click HERE for info on Olympic Weightlifting at Columbus Weightlifting Club.

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