“Good Design is Good Business”

By April 26, 2016Marketing
Good Design

It takes less than a second for someone to form an opinion of you based upon what they see. This means your website, marketing campaigns and marketing collateral are a huge determinant in whether you land the account, customer or investor you’ve been vying for.

I am fortunate enough to carry the title of Creative Marketing Manager, aka Graphic Designer at Outreach Promotional Solutions, so I spend a lot of time educating my clients on the importance of good design. While a design investment for your business may not be a clear ROI, it is crucial for gaining traction with almost any campaign.

I get it. As a business owner or marketing leader, you have hundreds of concerns to deal with on a day-to-day basis.  It’s tempting to ignore the need for clean, aesthetically pleasing designs; however, recognizing the value can be an integral step in establishing and growing your brand. Learn more from us in these four points about good design below.  

Good Design Tells Your Brand’s Story.
Your brand should tell the story of your business, i.e. who you are and why you are passionate about what you do. This goes beyond a logo and a website. Tell your clients why they should purchase a product or service from you versus them. Each individual has a story that makes them unique, just as each business has a story that speaks to their integrity, passion and credibility. Your story should make someone have an emotional reaction and can create an experience. Let your design do the talking. Words can only say so much.

Good Design Promotes Team Unity.
Establishing your brand with your customers cannot happen until your employees become brand ambassadors. Your creative space, website and stationery should all serve as a reminder to your employees of what you do and why you are doing it. These are the people who are communicating your values and story to your customers through phone calls, emails and meetings. Get your team on board with a firm understanding of who you are through good design, and the rest will begin to fall into place.

Good Design Gives you Street Cred.
Okay, so maybe it doesn’t give you street cred, but it does establish a sense of credibility among your customers. Consider how many times you’ve looked at bad design and instantly decided the company didn’t quite have it all together. Your goal should be to look professional and effortless. Your customers and clients want to feel like they can tell you exactly what they want and you will have the know-how to tackle it correctly the first time, ultimately saving them time and money.

Good Design is Memorable.
Good design strategically uses colors, typefaces, imagery and mood across all communication platforms to reiterate a message. The more they hear from you, the more your prospects and customers will remember you and think to recommend your product or service to others. Consistency will ensure a clear message is shared every time, without fail.

Clean, attractive design shouldn’t be placed on the back burner when it comes to your business. Former CEO of IBM, Thomas Watson Jr. is known (among other successes) for his statement, “good design is good business.” We couldn’t agree more, Mr. Watson.

Sean Miller is the Creative Marketing Manager for Outreach Promotional Solutions. You can contact her at smiller@outreachpromos.com for help with your design needs.


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