NEW FEATURE: Project Portals is your new Status Department

Project Portals

What You Need to Know About Project Portals

Project Portals is a new feature we introduced to clients this week. If you’re a fan of efficiency, you’ll be a fan of Project Portals.

This free tool pulls every component of a project into one convenient place. Instead of searching through dozens of emails, you can simply visit your project portal to see the complete history of all communications related to a project.

Approve proofs with a click.

Check order status with a click.

See shipping information with a click.

View and pay invoices with a click.

You will also be able to view, download, and comment on essential forms. This includes presentations, estimates, sales orders, and more.

Project Portals provide you and your team with a simple, easy-to-use solution that acts as your own personal status department. We understand that time is a luxury most professionals no longer have. Anytime we get to save our client’s time is a win for us.

Your Outreach order rep will provide you with a link to your project portal. We cannot wait for you to try out this new feature! Contact your order rep or send us a note here if you have any questions.



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