How Promotional Products & Apparel can deliver a Special College Experience

Promotional Products & Apparel

With over 4,000 colleges and universities in the US, and over 200 in Ohio, colleges and universities face a lot of competition in recruiting and retaining great faculty, staff and students. Faculty and staff may look at competitive pay, benefits and growth opportunities as key reasons to join a college and stay there. Students may look at the college’s reputation, educational experience, and campus among other things when deciding where to pursue their higher education.

While these factors are important, in today’s worlds, it is becoming increasingly important to create a special experience that instills pride and builds loyalty for the institution.

This is where promotional products, logo apparel and other branding initiatives can make a real difference. There are many ways to use promotional items and apparel to improve the college experience. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Use logo items during the recruitment process to build an emotional connection.
    To separate your college from the rest of the pack, try sending a post-interview package that includes logo apparel, drink ware, and tech accessories to students and faculty to help them envision the pride they will feel when they join your college.
  2. Use t-shirts and logo apparel to reinforce the college’s brand in the community and generate
    additional funds to forward college initiatives.
    Logo apparel continues to be one of the strongest ways to improve brand visibility and build pride. In addition to purchasing t-shirts for events and logo apparel for college departments, create an online store that allows students, faculty, staff and alumni to purchase logo apparel. Set it up as a fundraising vehicle that works to raise money 365 days a year.
  3. Use nicer branded products to reward for high performance. Colleges can benefit greatly from incentive programs that include promotional items. If a faculty member goes above and beyond, give them a product that reinforces the college’s brand and makes them feel special. A crystal award, custom Bluetooth desk speaker, or high-end drink tumbler are great gift ideas.
  4. Make sure your students are living the brand.
    It is no secret, students love swag. Develop a welcome package that includes a hat, shirt, drawstring bag, journal book, travel tumbler and portable charger. In addition to building pride, the student now becomes a walking billboard for your college on and off campus.

There is a reason why the educational market is the largest segment of promotional product buyers. Branded products and programs help colleges recruit talent, improve brand visibility, reward high performers and help reinforce the brand with students and staff. Ultimately, promotional products and apparel allow your college to show its creativity and build an experience that lasts a lifetime.

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