tradeshow exhibiting tips

Trade Show Exhibiting Tips

In this digital era, trade shows remain a popular vehicle to build leads and promote an organization.  As a key partner for several business tradeshows, we believe the power of these events help organizations promote their products and services with potential customers in a personal way.

Many organizations spend thousands of dollars on marketing materials and resources without having a clear approach to achieving their business goals. Lacking an approach can cause companies to leave a trade show thinking the event was unsuccessful. Read our latest tradeshow exhibiting tips below and don’t miss out on the chance to grow your business and generate better results and leads!

Maximize your investment – Trade Show Exhibiting Tips

Planning and thoughtful execution leads to better results.  With the tradeshow season in full swing, here are some helpful tips to maximize your investment:

Pre-Trade Show

  1. Develop Strategy – determine goals, plan, metrics and required resources
  2. Determine Incentive – why should people stop at your booth?
  3. Communicate Participation – invite network and mention your participation
  4. Secure Materials – printing, promotional items, apparel, banners and other displays
  5. Train Staff – ensure staff knows how to run the booth and what information to gather

During the Trade Show

  1. Booth Design – layout booth to ensure an open environment
  2. Information Capture – have a method to capture valuable information on leads

Post-Trade Show

  1. Measure Results – compare results against quantitative and qualitative goals
  2. Evaluate Staff – understand results and provide feedback on the effectiveness of staff
  3. Follow-up with Leads – execute follow-up plan with customized actions

By developing a strategy, aligning your resources, and ensuring effective follow-through, your organization can achieve maximum return on your exhibitor investment.

If your team doesn’t have the manpower or capacity to plan your trade shows or events, you should consider using a partner who has hundreds of events in their portfolio. Leave us a note or contact us here to ensure your next trade show is planned and executed successfully.

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